What difficulties international students face while getting visa for Australia?


If you are planning to study abroad and have shortlisted one of the universities in Australia then the below guide will be of use to you. In this blog we discuss the basic requirements for applying for a student visa for studying in Australia.

You should know that if you are applying for student visa for Australia then you will have to apply under Subclass 500.

The nationality of a student is very important and can be known only through one’s passport. You should have a valid passport for a minimum period of six months beyond the duration of your course or your period of stay in Australia. If you successfully get your visa approved then the validity of the visa will be two months beyond the duration of your course. The duration of your course plays an important role in determining the validity of the student visa. It depends whether the duration of your course is less than or more than ten months.

If you are planning to enrol yourself for a full time regular program, then you would require a student visa and would be eligible for the same. You are only eligible to apply for a student visa in Australia under Subclass 500 if you have enrolled for a full time study program. Distance learning courses are not qualified.

A student must provide proof that they are Genuine Temporary Entrant. If you are trying to get an Australian student visa then you must provide proof to support the fact that you are your intentions for your travel to Australia is studies and gaining some experience. On completion of this you would return to your home country. You need to provide documents that support the economic condition of your home country. You have to mention the opportunities that there for you in Australia. You should be able to explain the value or weightage the course you want to enrol in holds for your future. A document mentioning your immigration history is also important.

The next step for you is to provide your health records. This are asked to make sure that you are in good shape and health. You may refer to the doctors who are listed on panel and get your health check-up and certificate.You can avail the e-medical facilities that are now available online. If you are from India then you must provide a separate X-ray of your chest. This is to prove that you don’t suffer from tuberculosis as India is considered as high risk country. In order to avoid any delay in your student visa process, make sure that you get this done before the application process.

Students require health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia. You must have an Overseas Health Cover. This health cover will have an impact on your visa tenure so you have to make sure that the duration of your course is covered. The insurance would cost you around AUD 440 for one student.

Character certificate is required as a document for your visa application. His means that there are no criminal proceedings mentioned in your name in the past and that you are free of any criminal charges. This should also mention that you have never been deported from Australia.

Create a checklist of all the documents that are required for visa application and present the documents. Make sure you have scanned copies of all these documents and photographs that you would be attaching. Start compiling all your documents in a single file in time.

Hope this was helpful for you.

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