Privacy Policy

It is understandable that you would have concerns regarding the security of your confidential details. The following content will help you understand what we really do with your personal information.


Any confidential information submitted by students is strictly contained within the company records. No employee has got direct access to any of your personal details.


Student's personal details are never shared with third parties.


Any information about our team of experts is never shared with third parties.


All payments are done through PayPal. We have installed PayPal Payment gateway for all the transactions.


However, it is our prerogative to release any confidential information as required by law and if we are confident that disclosure of personal details is absolutely necessary in order to comply with any legal proceeding, order by court, or any kind of legality that surrounds our website.


YourAssignmentHelp also holds the right to make amendments to our privacy policy as and when required. By reading this you agree that you understand that you are bound by any such changes introduced or included by us. Any changes will be released here, in this section.

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