A guide to understanding the structure of writing a thesis


Thesis is one of the most important pieces of academic writing. It requires a lot of research and effort to complete a thesis. Generally, it takes months to complete writing a thesis as it requires extensive research and referring relevant sources. You must understand the structure of writing a thesis holds a lot of importance in successful completion of a thesis.

Every piece of academic of writing starts with a title page. You can easily find templates online or on Microsoft word. You can use any one of these. The main objective of this article is to educate you on thesis writing. This will come in handy if you are working on your own thesis or seeking for thesis writing services.

The tile page is followed by an Abstract. The abstract is a section that helps the reader to understand the objective and importance of the thesis. The abstract is however not very long. It is just a paragraph where you mention the objective of the thesis outlining the topic/idea of argument or discussion. It mentions the results and a strong statement that mentions your conclusion on the discussion. The approximate word count for an abstract should be between 300-400 words. The abstract is not cited unless you mention something that is taken from a source. Explaining the above concisely using minimum words makes a great abstract.

Your Assignment Help is an online thesis writing service provider that follows this same structure religiously which is why the students who get their thesis done from them score well and acquire good grades.

Following the Abstract is another important section which is the Table of Contents. You can use the automated table of contents provided on Microsoft word. It makes sure that all your content is mentioned and referred correctly. List all the tables and figures that you have used. You can include an appendix that includes all your tables and figures.

The next section is the Introduction. If you are looking for thesis writing service, then make sure that the expert who is helping you understands the importance of a good introduction. The introduction is the something that cannot be written well if you don’t understand what the body of the thesis would contain. It is in this section that you mention your thesis statement.

The next section is the Literature Review. This is the main body of your thesis. It contains the actual argument supported by sources. This is where you discuss about your point of view and mention facts that support your point of view. Online thesis writing service providers help you in writing a perfect literature review. Their experts hold professional experience; hence they provide the best assistance in finding authentic sources that would be required to complete your thesis. Finding the correct sources and citing them well is another important section that you need to keep in mind. A thesis is not a small piece of academic writing that can be summed in 1000-1500 words. Generally, a thesis is written in 8000-10000 words. However, while writing a thesis you would be required to do extensive research and you might find too much information. You must be careful in selecting information that relates best to your argument or discussion or topic or idea. Mentioning facts or arguments that are not relative to your topic would confuse the reader and they might lose their interest.

The next section is Results. Here you mention your observations. You can do this by using tabular representation. You must mention your result clearly whether it is positive or negative. If you get stuck in this section, you can take help from thesis writing service provider like Your Assignment Help.

The next section includes Conclusion. This is important. You must conclude your thesis in the same tone, and it should not be abrupt. The conclusion defines how the reader is going to remember your thesis. It should leave an impact on the reader.

Following the conclusion is Recommendations. You must mention any recommendations or suggestions that you feel can be used in further research. You can also mention remedies or direction for future action. The next section is References. This is the utmost important section of any thesis. It is mandatory to mention all the sources that you have used whether online or offline. Make sure you have used intent-citation for all the sources that you mention in this section.

The last section is the Appendix. You must mention all your tables, figures, charts, forms that have you have used to carry out your research and findings. This information supports your statements that have put forward by you in your results section.

Follow this structure well and use your word count equally.

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