7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing a Dissertation


A student often wonders how to start working on a dissertation. A dissertation is relatively long as compared to an essay which is like 1500 to 2000 words. The word dissertation is generally referred to as a piece of writing which debates for or against a particular topic. Basically a dissertation involves discussion that includes different perspectives and points of view. The idea is not just to study about the subject but also to cover the various factors or viewpoints circling the subject under question.

Students face a lot of difficulty while working on a dissertation as it is considered as a major assignment and their grades are dependent on how well they have worked on this piece of writing. There are a few common mistakes that students do while writing a dissertation. Below are listed seven common mistakes that one should avoid in order to complete a perfect dissertation.

  • Superficiality: Dissertation is a lengthy assignment and a definite fact is that while writing a dissertation one has to make sure that perform in depth analysis. It is mandatory that the research questions that you include are not narrow or shallow. Discussion around great research questions will help you get to the depth of analysis and thus will not limit the circumference of the dissertation.

  • Balance: now this is one mistake that majority of students do. A student must follow the marketing criteria or rubric given to them by their professor. This helps them to divide the attention to all the chapters that are included. An imbalance while working on the chapters limits you to work efficiently on the dissertation and the final dissertation is not appealing.

  • Selection of the Topic: This is very important. You need to be really careful before you select the topic for your dissertation. It is advised that you select a topic that can capture your interest or is interesting for you. Since a dissertation includes in depth analysis, curiosity to know more about the topic and to understand what different sources have to offer about the subject will keep your interest intact. You will be able to maintain the momentum and will be enthusiastic while writing the piece.

  • Do not procrastinate: Dissertation is generally lengthy and most of them require around 8000 to 10000 words. If you start late on working on your piece of writing you will not be able to give attention to all the respective chapters. You need to give proper time to your research so that you do not include anything mundane in your dissertation and the final piece is enraging for the reader. Also do not start away writing a dissertation immediately. Take time to shortlist the sources that you are going to refer and these will comprise of the main heart of your dissertation.

  • Originality: It is understood that you would take help from various sources available and you would need to go through different tangents that people have already covered in terms of the subject. However copying someone else’s research is unacceptable. Universities these days use good software to check the originality of the content and it would be embarrassing if your piece of writing is claimed to be copied from some source online.

  • Clear and structured sentences: A major challenge that students face is while deciding he tone of the assignment. Usage of proper grammar and structured sentences will help you put across your perspective clearly. Avoid using long sentences that makes no sense or can confuse the reader.

  • Referencing: A dissertation requires you to include proper in text citation and a list of references. You need to include around 50-60 references and that too following the proper guidelines of the style of referencing required for the particular dissertation. You can always check the proper way of referencing sources from different websites that explain detail how to reference different sources.

I hope this was helpful for you and you would keep in mind the above points while working on your dissertation.

Happy Writing !

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